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New House, New Look!

CSL have been called to look at a brand new development in Witham St Hughs, Mel has recently moved into her beautiful new home and….. not so beautiful garden! The main aim…. garden to play in…


After a few hours of measuring and re-measuring we found that the garden was 18 inches lower on the left so we had to build this bad boy up!! using sleeper boarders we brought in 12 tonnes of Bark, Stone & Soil to provide the best environment for a new lawn to grow! with a small sleeper bed feature in one corner and a large bark area for a trampoline in the other Mel now has a garden to impress and for her lovely boy to play in!

On time, efficient and simply fun to have around… looking forward to having them over again for more work in the future. Thank you CSL!

Mel Stewart – Ivy Bank, Witham St Hughs


Our landscape division has many years of experience in all phases of landscaping and our customer focused approach makes the landscape experience just that, an experience.We want our customers to be there from the moment we get to the job until the end so that they can have as much input in the project as possible. We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the dreams that they may have for there property.